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Are You Losing Your Luster?

by Megan Varley
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Are You Losing Your Luster?

Are You Losing Your Luster?

How Do You Know If Yours Floors Need To Be Refinished?

One of the most noticeable and least expensive improvements a homeowner can make is to restore a dull, dirt wood floor.  Over time, the urethane finish on your hardwood floors will eventually begin to wear.  The key is to recognize this and have your floor recoated with an additional application, or “top coat”, of urethane before it’s too late. 

There are a couple of ways to tell if it is time to refinish / restore your floors –

First, a visual inspection – Have the high-traffic walkway areas lost their sheen or gloss in comparison to the no-traffic far edges of the floor?  You might also see graying in the floor in these areas.  The graying is caused by grinding dirt in to the open pores of the wood floor when you walk on the area that has lost its finish.

You can also try the water test – Pour a tablespoon of water onto the high-traffic section of floor and watch what it does.

  • If it forms droplets that rest on top of the wood, the finish is in good condition.
  • If it soaks into the wood slowly, the finish is wearing thin, but you can probably postpone the job if you need to.
  • If the water quickly penetrates the wood and leaves a dark splotch, the floor needs to be refinished right away.

 So, when is the best time to refinish your hardwood floors?

1.  Before you move in.  This is the best time, by far, to refinish hardwood since there’s no furniture and no disruption of living.

2. Before you sell. The condition of your hardwood floors is a reflection of how well the rest of your house is maintained.  If your hardwood floors are in bad shape, potential buyers will look hard at every other aspect of your home looking for other maintenance issues.  They want to get your house for the best deal and will offer less for everything they see as a potential repair.  You, on the other hand, want the most for your house.  Refinishing your floors before the house is listed is a very smart investment and you will get your return on it.  It will help your house sell faster and a higher value.

3.  While you are away. This is a great time to refinish your floors.  The technicians will be in and out of your home.  You, your family and pets need to stay out of the way.  And, if there are sections leading to the bedrooms – remember you can’t walk on them for a little while.  

Recent Project

SRC was recently called in to refinish the original floors in a 100-year-old house.  The floors were in decent condition, just losing the finish.  The home owners have retired and are moving away.  This house has plenty of charm and character.  By using our sandless method, we were able to deep clean and refresh the floors without losing the character traditional sanding would have eliminate.  And isn’t character what a buyer is looking for when they buy a 100-year-old house?

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