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How to Remove Old Carpet

by Megan Varley
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How to Remove Old Carpet


Is your old, dirty carpet hiding a beautiful hard wood floor?  Remove the carpet.

  1. Vacuum the carpet to cut down on dust as the carpet is removed.
  2. For protection, wear a dust mask, heavy work gloves and sturdy, thick-soled, close-toed shoes.
  3. Cut into manageable sections with a carpet knife or utility knife without cutting into the floor.
  4. Roll up that section and wrap a piece of duct tape around the section to keep it from unrolling.
  5. Pull up the section of padding, roll it up and wrap with duct tape also.
  6. Use pliers to remove the staples that held the pad down.  Pull them straight up to keep from making a larger hole,  If the staples are tight against the floor, tap a small flat-bladed screw driver under them to loosen enough to pull out with the pliers.
  7. Once all the carpet, padding and staples have been removed, use a pry bar to pull up the tack strip that runs around the room.  Remove any extraneous nails with a hammer claw.  Be careful – those nails are sharp.
  8. Sweep of vacuum the floor.

Now the floor is ready to be refinished sandlessly!

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