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Custom Black Galaxy Granite!

by Megan Varley

Custom Black Galaxy Granite!

Black Galaxy Granite

It is time to remodel your out-of-date kitchen and you are thinking about a sleek, contemporary look.  Black Galaxy Granite might just be the ticket.  It is mostly black with small gold or silver (bronzite) flecks that sparkle when you look closely at it.  There are typically three different kinds of Black Galaxy stone that are determined by how much bronzite exists in the surrounding stone; large specked, medium specked and small specked.

Black Galaxy’s origins

There are approximately 50 quarries in southern India that produce Black Galaxy granite.  This stone is most commonly used for backsplashes or small tiles that can be used as a tile border around your kitchen. However, larger slabs are available for use as countertops.

In addition to the three major types of Black Galaxy, there can be three different kinds of Black Galaxy stone colors. These include black, stone with a greenish/black tinge, and a dark stone with a lighter gray background. These background colors can be attributed to the quarry where the stone was taken from, so slabs from different quarries may have different levels of bronzite and a variation in the background color.

Black Galaxy designs

Black Galaxy granite’s dark color makes it easy to work with.   It can provide a contemporary spin on traditional kitchens.   It also pairs well with white or gray cabinets, but can also be used with wood stained or darker colored cabinets as well.

This kind of dark granite countertop can add depth and style to any kitchen when paired with light cabinets and plenty of natural light.   Black Galaxy work best with more modern, monochromatic design schemes, but it is a versatile stone and leaves many avenues open as a design feature in your kitchen.

Just a note

Black Galaxy is one of the most famous black granites on the market and can be a little pricey.  It is also important to note that the quarries vary hugely in size and production levels.  It is important to ensure that blocks are selected from the same quarry face, I must repeat, DO NOT try and match-up with alternative Black Galaxy granite sources.

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